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Gateway Billing Solutions - Gateway Is The Best Way....
Gateway Billing  Solutions is a professional billing service that is specifically designed to meet the billing needs of individual , group practices or speciality clinics . We understand your billing needs and we balance our practice load to ensure that each practice gets our undivided attention to detail.
Gateway Billing Solutions understand the hands on approach to claims processing and reimbursement. It  is critical to get your practice the maximum reimbursement it is entitled to.
Our staff  has indepth  knowledge of insurance plans from Commercial, PFFS, HMO, PPO,Medicaid and Medicare. We at Gateway Billing Solutions understand the privancy standards that are mandated by HIPPA and go to every length to secure your client information.
Our staff  is trained, experienced and certified in medical billing and use state of the art billing software and electronic claims processing, and we pride ourselves in quality control and 97% error free rate of claims processing  keeping abreast of billing changes, coding and laws.
Are you  tired of dealing with insurance companies that give you the run around?
Do you need help with complex compliance issues?
Are you a small practice or group practice struggling to stay afloat?
Are you tired of your current rate of  financial reimbursement?
Are you a new practice?
Are you in need of serious claims collection?
If you are concerned with any of the above questions then give Gateway Billing Solutions a call. Gateway Billing Solutions will be an extension of your office and you'll discover the stress free solutions to your billing needs, and see a very profitable financial future.
Give us a call and set up an appointment..214-861-8103 or Fax 972-557-8578.
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